Star Stable is a horse game online filled with adventures.

STAR STABLE with an interesting storyline and many fun characters this game captures you from the very beginning. It's not just the story that's amazing about this game either, there are so many different horse breeds available and many of them look and move different from each other. Through this game I have met some amazing friends and I would recommend this game to everyone I meet!

Star Stable is a horse game online filled with adventures. Ride and take care of your own horses and explore the exciting island of Jorvik. Try the game for free!
Founded in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden, we are the makers of the popular adventure game Star Stable Online – the currently #1 ranked and fastest-growing horse game in the world.

Over the years we have extended our product line to music, publishing and several apps. Continuously working to improve, grow and fulfil what’s at the heart of our mission – to inspire, to celebrate the power of sisterhood and to have a meaningful global impact, transforming the gaming industry into a more open-minded and inclusive environment.

You play as a can-do heroine that is incredibly patient and selfless as well as very skilled. There are many quests where you do everything from helping old ladies to exploring uncharted lands and doing heavy-duty construction work. The characters are very dynamic and they have their flaws but there are also truly wonderful people as well. One of my favorite quests is when you reconcile a broken family. There's nothing really inaproppiate, but the game is made for tweens so you should keep that in mind, it may be harder for younger kids and there are more mature themes. There's a lot of walkthrough online for the particularly tough quests.

The game is subscription based, but there's multiple free trial codes that come out from time to time and, using the codes they generously give out, you can still buy new horses and clothing as a non-paying member. If you pay for a subscription you get a weekly hundred Star Coin allowance so it's not required you spend real money on that currency. There's also a lifetime subscription for 75 dollars that lasts forever (most online MMOs don't even have that). You can talk to your child about helping out in the community, taking care of nature and animals (your horses require daily care and you need to spend time training by racing so they can get faster), saving up money (because of the weekly) and much more. There's a lot of depth to the game and it gets weekly updates, so you get your money's worth. The free-to-play parts of the game don't have as many quality quests and areas, but if you use one of the redeem codes for a week or two of free Star Rider you can get a better feel for the game. There are scary (in a more comical way - there's no gore - but it may scare younger players) monsters in this game as well, so be warned.

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