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Experience award-winning 24/7 customer service and shop beauty, fashion, jewellery and more at QVC UK, all available with our 30-day money back guarantee.

QVC offer curated collections of distinctive products across home, fashion, beauty, electronics, and jewelry. We seek brands with great stories to tell and great storytellers, who can bring products to life in live presentations. We are particularly interested in products that are debuting on QVC or are exclusive to us.

QVC introduces about 500 new vendors each year, selected from a pool of approximately 10,000 applications. Vendors are also sometimes recruited from trade shows and craft fairs.

At QVC, we don’t just display items on shelves or in online galleries. We create a multiplatform experience that brings products and brands to life through people and stories. Through our many broadcast and digital channels, we offer vendors and entrepreneurs the tools to begin and build relationships with our global shopping community.

Hard to believe, but QVC is about to turn twenty-seven years old.  Our first broadcast aired on November 24, 1986.  While the broadcasts continue on TV, they are also available to view on pretty much any device a shopper has in her hands.

We can track its members’ customer engagement across multiple platforms. Content is completely synchronized. 

Explore QVC and find everything you need from the comfort of your home, or on the go. With award-winning customer service, we make online shopping easy.

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