OMIO — plan, book & love the journey.

Go to Europe to explore its rich culture, see the beautiful sights and eat delicious food.
OMIO is platform that would solve your problems and give travelers in Europe a smooth, seamless and intuitive booking experience—online. Our concept was, to plot journeys on planes, trains, buses and cars across borders. A single route and one ticket that went from A to B.

Now, Omio is the Berlin-based company, employs more than 300 people, is active in 15 European countries and has agreements with more than 800 transportation partners on the continent. Twenty-seven million people use the platform every month. 

At Omio we take a unique approach to travel. Our pioneering platform allows you to find the fastest, cheapest and best travel options by train, bus and flight to thousands of cities, towns and villages across Europe, the United States and Canada. That translates into savings—on money and time—for you!

Starting your search is pretty simple. Enter the departure and destination points, date/s and number of people travelling, and hit ‘Search’. If you happen to have a discount rail card for any European countries, you can add the details here, before hitting ‘Search’.

You will get results for flights, train and coach tickets, with times, prices and route details, highlighting the fastest and the cheapest options. It also gives you details of the rail and coach companies and airlines.

At this stage you can also bring up the route details from the top right corner.
If you are happy with the options given and this is the ticket for you, then you are ready to go ahead and book. It really is that simple.

After the booking you receive an email with the booking confirmation, the journey details and also instructions on where to collect ticket.

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