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Weekday is a Swedish street/fashion brand influenced by youth culture and street style. The brand offers a unique retail experience and a carefully curated mix of women’s, men’s and accessories assortments, as well as a small selection of external brands. What later became Weekday started in 2000 when four friends opened a small store in Stockholm called Weekend. Originally only open on Saturdays and Sundays, the store became so popular it expanded opening hours to seven days a week, creating the need for a name change. Weekday currently ships to 30 markets and has stores in 16 countries.

We love denim and it’s been at our core since the start. So, we make sure we do jeans well. All our denim styles are made from organic cotton since 2015, and increasing the share of recycled cotton and other low impact material options is one of our top priorities. 

We work hard to make sure our material choices are the best they can be. In our last collection drop of this year, 97% of all materials are either recycled or sustainably sourced. Combined, we call these materials ’Responsible’. We’re proud to have reached this number in 2021, but also work to increase the share of materials with higher rankings within our Responsible material benchmark, like the recycled category, which make up at least 18% percent of our material share. We are also exploring the opportunity of increasingly reusing our own waste streams, for example via our garment collect program I:Collect.

In our definition, sustainably sourced materials are materials that have significantly lower environmental footprint than the comparable raw material. When using them, we optimize the use of natural resources and protect the welfare of animals.    

To become climate positive, we need to change how our products are made and enjoyed. About 70% of a garment’s climate impact happens in manufacturing. Making fibres, processing materials, dyeing and fabricating requires a lot of energy. We encourage and support and will now also invest money in our suppliers to save energy and help them to switch to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

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